BETINA launched in 2012 with a focus on luxury handmade t-shirts that were inspired by the works of indigenous communities in the Philippines. Founder Betina Ocampo has since evolved this collection into a multifaceted contemporary womenswear line. Raised between the Philippines and New York City, the designer's "East meets West" lifestyle and surroundings continue to be an influence on the brand's ethos and creative direction.

Each piece is a progressive collaboration between the designer’s contemporary vision and the hands of skillful artisans. Together, they reinvent whimsical embellishments and techniques that give dimension to an otherwise prosaic silhouette. Each collection combines rich textures, luxurious fabrics, and signature sportswear details that are unique to the BETINA philosophy.

BETINA's debut collection was first picked up exclusively by Barney's New York and is now currently sold world wide.